Dancing Ribbon, 2017

Dancing ribbon was completed in April 2017 for Brown Falconer architects. The artwork concept and design responds to the architecture of the building and its linear and angular forms. The sculpture makes reference to energy, movement and organic shapes while alluding to the dancing ribbons used in the Chinese traditional performance art. The artwork was designed with night lighting to emphasise movement and shadows, however due to budget restriction it was abandoned by the...

Together Woven 2013

A highly prominent sculpture resembles a net or a flock of birds suspended in the sky.

The hollow part within the net suggests that boomerang has flown through. The concept is based on the traditional Kaurna hunting practice:

“String nets were tied between trees. A hunting boomerang was thrown high in the air to imitate a hawk or eagle and people would frighten a flock of birds from a nearby waterhole. Boomerangs were then thrown amongst the frightened flock of birds in the hope of hitting some of the birds.”