Marijana was born in Bosnia and migrated to Australia with her parents in 1969. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of South Australia (formerly the South Australian College of Advanced Education) and a Diploma in Education from the Flinders University. In 1983, Marijana was awarded a General Builders and Supervisor Licence by the South Australian Licensing Board.

Marijana is interested in exploring human relationships: between cultural groups or individuals and the surrounding environment, natural or urban.

Her studio practice is founded on the conceptual framework that examines the assemblages’ of nature and relationships. She finds it necessary to scrutinize and understand what is assembled under the umbrella of social constructs and natural evolution and associations.

She is particularly interested in ancient histories which help to explain the cultural and environmental underpinnings of our current context.

Observations of contemporary culture pose questions such as: what kind of world shall we weave (or create) with our current ideas and actions?

Marijana’s practice focuses on 3 areas; sculpture studio work, public art, and cultural planning. The three areas share a common and ultimate aim, to create a positive impact on the surrounding environment and to provide stimulating public spaces.

Marijana’s solid understanding of contemporary art practice, culture and history contribute to her ability to create ‘a sense of place’ that is a welcome and enriching experience in our ever changing world.

She has completed a number of significant public art projects in South Australia, including the well-recognised Gateway to Adelaide urban art project of the iconic water feature and three impressive walls. More recent works include Phosphoresence at Victor Harbor, Dancing Ribbon in Adelaide, Together Woven, the Kaurna cultural marker at Salisbury, and Contemplation at Marino.

Marijana has a particular interest in urban design which she considers a key driver for creating active, vital and environmentally sustainable urban centres. She sees a strong role for public art in achieving this goal. A key focus of Marijana’s public art has been the integration of cultural expression with the aim of expanding our social capital and fostering cooperation within our contemporary society.

Marijana works from her own studio and regularly exhibits nationally and internationally. She is represented by the BMG ART Gallery in Adelaide.