Public Art

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Marijana’s design approach to public art is inspired by her interest in exploring human relationships: between cultural groups or individuals and our surrounding environment, be that natural or urban.

She is particularly inspired by the notion that public art should be experienced as social capital, there initially for commissioner’s benefit but also for a wider public to participate in a new spatial experience. In her public art works, such as Together Woven at Salisbury (2013), Contemplation at Marino (2006), Balancing Act at Mawson Lakes (2004) and Gateway to Adelaide water feature and walls (2000), Marijana has developed a personal language and an aesthetic that invites us to experience these new spaces as a speculative/ exploratory path we travel in our daily journeys.

Her conceptually based studio practice supports exploration of new ideas and materials which are often integrated into the public art works.

Marijana believes that what makes an art work unique and interesting is not only its formal design, but the stories it tells. These may be based on the history, heritage and intercultural exchanges with our contemporary Australian culture and the unique natural environment. These expressions can be reflected through the choice of materials, texture, use of text and fabrication methods and the way the natural environment is integrated into the work.

Marijana embraces the richness of a multidisciplinary team approach for all public art design. She believes every project provides opportunities for innovation and value adding. In many cases these opportunities are born of the need to resolve site needs, which become a genuine reflection of local character, values and culture.